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Films rated G, PG or PG-13 are included in this weekly listing, along with occasional R-rated films that may have entertainment or educational value for older children with parental guidance.

Suitable for families

Alvin and the Chipmunks C+

(PG) - Those rowdy rodents get the computer-animation treatment, with Jason Lee as their best human buddy. Brief rude humor.

Enchanted A-

(PG) - A cartoon princess (Amy Adams) is banished to real-life Manhattan in a clever sendup of Disney's animated legacy. Some scary images and mild innuendo.

Roving Mars B

(G) - NASA's robotic exploration of Mars is presented with IMAX majesty and computer-generated passages when the real data won't do. No offensive material, but also not enough "meat" to satisfy.

U2 3D

(G) - Bono and the boys rock the IMAX houses with a 3D chronicle of their 2006 Vertigo tour. Nothing offensive, only loud.

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep B-

(PG) - A Scottish lad discovers an egg that hatches an adorable sea creature. Mild action and child peril, brief crude language and smoking.

Suitable for families, with reservations

How She Move B-

(PG-13) - MTV Films is backing this hip-hop drama. An ambitious student (Rutina Wesley) hopes to finance college through stepdancing contests. Profanity, brief drug content and suggestive moves, but the overall vibe is positive.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

(PG) - A treasure hunter (Nicolas Cage) searches for clues to Abraham Lincoln's assassination. This sequel to 2004's National Treasure contains comparable action violence.

Not suitable

27 Dresses

(PG-13) - A perpetual bridesmaid (Katherine Heigl) hopes to beat her younger sister to the altar. Profanity, sexual innuendo and adult content.

The Bucket List B

(PG-13) - Terminally ill cancer patients (Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman) share a whirlwind last fling in Rob Reiner's dramedy. The premise and pacing won't appeal to children, while profanity and sexual references are inappropriate for them.

Cassandra's Dream

(PG-13) - Woody Allen's cinematic style doesn't have much kid appeal. This crime drama also includes brief violence and sexual material.

Cloverfield D-

(PG-13) - Violence, terror and disturbing images make this monster movie a likely nightmare inducer for children.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly A

(PG-13) - The fact-based French drama about a stroke victim struggling to communicate won't appeal to children. Profanity, brief nudity and sexual content.

The Eye

(PG-13) - ThisHong Kong horror flick remake stars Jessica Alba and contains disturbing images and violent terror.

First Sunday

(PG-13) - Petty crooks (Ice Cube, Tracy Morgan) plot to rob their church. Profanity, sexual references and drug content taint an uplifting message.

Fool's Gold

(PG-13) - Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson star as treasure hunters. The rating is the result of "action violence, some sexual material, brief nudity and language."

Honeydripper B+

(PG-13) - John Sayles' film, set in 1950 Alabama's cotton culture, contains brief, bloodless violence, a few rude words and some suggestive blues music and dancing.

I Am Legend B-

(PG-13) - The last human (maybe) on Earth (Will Smith) has company: a race of cannibal zombies. Intense action sequences, animal cruelty and a grim scenario may frighten young children.

Juno A

(PG-13) - Jason Reitman's comedy about a pregnant teenskirts R-rating territory with sexual situations, mature themes, profanity and crude humor. Its sweetness will make it a favorite of teens; parents, be ready to discuss.

The Kite Runner B+

(PG-13) - A child's rape in Afghanistan ends an idyllic friendship and begins a personal and political drama that spans decades. Violence and mature themes.

Mad Money C+

(PG-13) - Federal reserve employees (Queen Latifah, Diane Keaton, Katie Holmes) steal money slated to be destroyed. Aside from the amoral theme, profanity, sexual content and drug references make this inappropriate for children.

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins B-

(PG-13) - Martin Lawrence's comedy about a TV celebrity's family reunion contains crude language, sexual content and some drug references.