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Hibbard romps to victory story, Jan. 30

I suppose a nation that would declare a 51 percent to 49 percent margin a landslide victory could also accept the above headline from the St. Petersburg Times. Personally, I think Rita Garvey made a very respectable showing of 40 percent in her recent challenge for mayor of Clearwater. We are so unable to reach a consensus on anything that we feel anything more than 50 percent is a mandate.

Mayor Frank Hibbard was quoted as saying, "It still means that there are (40) percent who aren't convinced, so we'll keep working on them."

He might also try listening to them. We are not dummies. We ask for ordered growth that is sustainable in the long term and does not change the whole face of our town practically overnight.

Sabine Korosy, Clearwater

Taylor, Fornino - classy candidates

As a voting resident of the great town of Safety Harbor, I am proud to say I voted for City Commission candidates Mark Taylor and Robin Fornino. I read in past weeks of finger pointing and name calling on behalf of some past and current commission members and the "ugliness" of our residents regarding the decisions of our elected officials.

I read the St. Petersburg Times editorial recommendations for Nina Bandoni and Nadine Nickeson and I know that they won the election, but who did I see standing on the corner of Bayshore and Main Street holding "Thank you for your vote" signs on Thursday afternoon? Not Nadine or Nina. Mark Taylor and Robin Fornino held those signs.

They have every reason to hold their heads up high. The margin that Robin lost by was so minimal there had to be a recount, and with all of Nadine's past experience, there was no landslide against Mark with an approximate 400-vote margin.

Yes, I am proud that I voted for two upstanding leaders in this community who ran a clean race. They are truly candidates with class.

Tamara Ham,Safety Harbor

Librarians needbook on manners

A damper was put on the standing room only appearance of Jeff Corwin recently at the Clearwater Library by the rudeness and bad manners of the library ladies in charge.

One shut the door in the eager faces of those trying to enter the north door of the conference room, with what can only be described as a hateful look and no explanation. Then the lady in charge, who introduced Corwin, shushed the prematurely cheering crowd with irritation, waving her arms and grimacing at us as if we were kindergartners out of control.

She also ordered an elderly lady in a wheelchair moved to a spot where she missed the video presentation. The lady protested that she couldn't see in the new place and had come more than an hour early just to be able to see from her wheelchair. They said nothing and left her there.

Aren't the days of the old-fashioned library dictator over now? I suggest these ladies either change jobs or check out one of their own books - one on manners and how to treat the public.

Marit Eisenman,Clearwater

Recycling earnscompliments

I participated in Dunedin's mobile recycling collection at Dunedin High School and I would like to extend my highest compliments to not only the very extensive recycling program we offer in Pinellas County, but to how efficiently and well run the mobile collection was. The signage was excellent, the staff helpful and courteous, and I was impressed by the scope of items that we are able to recycle - something I believe is so important in our very disposable society. Keep up the good work!

Melody Urso,Dunedin