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What's hot: Redfish are on the prowl in numbers that resemble what we would normally see in the fall. In addition to great numbers of the slot-sized fish, many of the overslot breeders have been seen pushing up huge wakes moving across the flats. Once the redfish are in a feeding mode, it has not been unusual to connect on 10 or more of them in a single location.

Approach: Redfish are prone to spooking. A quiet, low-profile approach is critical. Positioning yourself in a location to make long casts will lead to more strikes. If possible, get the wind at your back to add distance to your casts.

Tackle and techniques: Medium-heavy spinning tackle and soft plastic jigs are versatile outfits for catching redfish. If you find the oversize fish on the move and they won't eat a lure or live bait offering, consider tossing a small fly pattern. The smaller fly matches the size of the masses of tiny baitfish in our coastal waters. When these fish move onto a flat and spread out to feed, it is the best time to get them to eat a jig or lure. A shrimp or a silver-dollar-sized pinfish is another effective offering if the fish aren't being caught on the artificial lures.

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