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What's hot: Silver trout have finally arrived in the numbers we're used to seeing this time of year. And there's nothing like taking a 21/2-year-old on his first fishing trip to make the experience that much more rewarding. Fischer Ford Carr and parents Glen and Katie were part of our crew that landed 150 silvers Saturday, often two at a time on tandem-rigged jigs. Although he has not mastered his casting skills, the youngster would enthusiastically help his mom reel in each fish she hooked. Putting some in the baitwell alive provided some items to play with, and you could feel his sense of accomplishment when he netted them out at the end of the trip.

Technique: Pockets of silver trout were revealed by our bottom recorder. Drifting the area was most effective. When we stopped getting bites, we would return to the starting point and repeat the drift. Diving birds, bait flipping on the surface and dolphins crashing the schools were indicators of their location as well. We were about a half-mile north of Redington Long Pier and most productive in 15 feet. Scattered boats up and down the beach suggested others were doing as well covering a large area.

Tackle: The lighter the tackle, the better the action, and spinning gear is the way to go. At times it will make a difference which color tails work best. When they're thick, they are not as picky. We got them on an assortment. Hot pink worked well, as did root beer, chartreuse, yellow and white. The color of our jig heads didn't matter, either. The quarter-ounce was all we needed.

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