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Oval Office Follicles

When you live in the hometown of former President Rutherford B. Hayes, facial hair is a competitive event. So on Sunday, the town of Delaware, Ohio, checked in contestants for a look-alike contest. For the check-in, contestants had to be clean shaven. They will be judged again on JulyÊ5 to see how they compare with the wiry-whiskered 19th president. But even if contestants don't look much like Hayes, there are categories for longest, neatest and most unusual beards.

Museum displays hair of the chief

Need more news about presidential-related hair? The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia will celebrate Presidents Day by displaying a scrapbook containing locks of hair from the first 12 U.S. presidents. The scrapbook was put together by a 19th century Philadelphia lawyer and will be under glass and opened to the page with George Washington's brownish-gray locks (above). Photos will be displayed of the pages for presidents 2 (John Adams) through 12 (Zachary Taylor).

Caller ID

A good phone can be a real lifesaver

They probably didn't sell this as a feature when she bought the phone, but a woman in Speake, Ga., armed only with her telephone, fought off an intruder. And the intruder had a Taser. Police aren't releasing too many details because an investigation is ongoing, but the Decatur Daily reports that the woman opened her door to see why her porch light was out, and the man burst in. The unidentified woman says she thinks she was shot by the Taser, but was afraid for her granddaughter who was in the house, so she used her telephone as a weapon and the man ran off. Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell said that there have been several similar incidents in the area, and people are starting to fight back. "It appears that grandmas are getting tired of being pushed around," he said.


An official icebox

International Falls, Minn., fought a long time for the title "Icebox of the Nation." And last week, they won a federal trademark for the title, ending a long feud with the ski town of Fraser, Colo. And Mother Nature helped lead the celebration on Monday, sending temperatures in the city to a low of 40 below zero. As for the feud, at least the International Falls folks aren't gloating. "We'll wait until next week to notify them of their copyright infringement," City Administrator Rod Otterness said. "If Fraser wants to call itself the Icebox of Colorado, we have no problem."

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"President Bush says during his last year in office, he will visit more countries than in any other year of his presidency. He says he will accomplish all of this in one weekend by going to Epcot Center."

Conan O'Brien, host of Late Night