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In Manatee County, a man, 19, is gunned down. Days later, a home is firebombed and a woman is shot.

A person shot to death.

A family left homeless after someone firebombs a house and shoots at family members as they flee.

Two violent outbursts in Manatee since Thursday that have authorities trying to sort out whether there is a possible connection.

On Sunday morning, two Molotov cocktails tore into the rented home of Valencia Raymond, who lived there with her two daughters.

Raymond and her daughters - Nanise Raymond, and her children, ages 2 and 3, and Misha Raymond, who is six months pregnant - awoke about 5 a.m., to find their home ablaze.

As they tried to run from the house, a masked gunman opened fire on them, sending them back into the burning home, according to Valencia.

Nanise Raymond was shot four times, once in her right knee, twice in her left leg and once on the left side of her back. Her leg was also broken.

No one other than the frantic victims witnessed the early morning attack, so there is not a solid description of two men seen in dark clothes outside the home, according to Manatee sheriff's spokesman Dave Bristow.

Detectives were looking at physical evidence from the firebombing and investigating tips from the public that the firebombing may have been revenge for the shooting death of a man in Rubonia last week, Bristow said.

Sheriff's deputies found Nikita Williams, 19, shot in the chest behind the Rubonia Social Club about 9 p.m. Thursday.

Valencia Raymond said she believed the attackers mistakenly came to her house, instead of what could have been their intended target - a home in the next duplex belonging to a relative of a man implicated by authorities in Williams' death. Bristow said making a definitive connection between the firebombing and Williams' shooting is premature.