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No charges are filed in the couple's slayings.

Detectives have talked to a "person of interest" in the case of a couple found dead Monday night in their home near the Hernando County line.

Pasco sheriff's spokesman Doug Tobin said the public should not be alarmed: "We know where that individual is."

He did not identify the person of interest in the case of David and Sherrill Wright, who lived at 18101 Moorhaven Drive. There have been no arrests in the case.

A relative who couldn't reach them all weekend went to the house in a rural enclave near the Suncoast Parkway on Monday evening. Tobin said the relative, also not identified, was met by the couple's dogs - a Rottweiler and German shepherd that were acting aggressive and protective. The relative went in through the back of the house and first found 54-year-old David Wright. Sherrill Wright, 54, was found in another part of the house.

Tobin said that the couple died of blunt trauma to their bodies.

Their killings came as a shock to neighbors, who called the couple friendly and considerate.

Michelle Dillow, whose property shares a fence with the Wrights', said she spoke to David Wright last Wednesday. She had been cleaning out an RV, and Wright offered to let her put the trash in his Dumpster. He often helped with repairs at her house, where she lives with her mother.

On Thursday, Dillow said, she noticed Wright's silver pickup at the house. Friday, it was gone.

She didn't think much of it because his contracting business often took him out of town, Dillow said. But all weekend, she never saw the dogs outside and didn't notice any cars coming or going.

She described Mrs. Wright as quiet but friendly. David Wright, Dillow said, was the outgoing one.

"We're going to miss them so bad," said Dillow. "Joking by the fence - that made my day when I spotted him out there."

Mike Sinn, who lives with his girlfriend across the street, said he attended their New Year's Eve party a year ago. A band played classic rock, including Grateful Dead tunes.

David Wright, Sinn said, was a Jerry Garcia look-alike.

Little else came to light Tuesday about the Wrights, whose only criminal arrests were on marijuana charges in the 1970s. A woman who answered at the home of David Wright's brother said the family did not want to comment.

Dillow choked up as she talked about her neighbors' sudden deaths.

"They did not deserve this," she said.

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