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Don't laugh.

My best round of golf was a 98.

Give or take.

Okay, I've scored under 100 a few other times, but there were more mulligans than lost golf balls.

But this isn't about how I might employ any edge to beat my 54-year-old father, or how I've hardly improved since buying a set of irons I couldn't afford.

This is about you and your golf game.

And I'm speaking to everyone, from the newbie who thinks it's all right to wear jeans on the course, to parents who hope their 4-year-old is the next Tiger.

I'm speaking to you seniors who are nearly quadruple my age and still play at sunrise each day (kudos to you, by the way).

I'm here for you, not to laugh. I don't care if your team lost the most recent scramble or charity golf tournament. Say, of your four teammates, all of you are Army buddies, or from different parts of the country. Let us know.

We're looking for good stories.

We also want to put information and tournament results in the paper; to develop this golf page that will best serve Hernando and Pasco counties, home to some of the best courses in America.

But we need your help. You have to tell us. I can't be at every course, at every tournament.

You can tell us when you gain bragging rights at the No. 18 hole at Saddlebrook's Palmer Course because you bagged a hole-in-one, or at the 484-yard No. 11 hole at Brooksville's The Quarry, where you hit the longest drive with that Nike Sasquatch Sumo2 that your wife doesn't know you bought.

There are so many aspects to this fascinating, difficult game.

We invite you to share your stories and photos.

And go ahead. Make us laugh.

Mike Camunas can be reached at or (352) 544-9480.