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Q: This summer I am getting married for the second time. It will be a morning wedding. Can you suggest a pattern that is fairly dressy but not bare?

A: I have selected Vogue 8148, size 8 to 22. It features a two-piece with a fairly tailored jacket and a flouncy skirt. Actually, you can use almost any pattern: The fabric really tells the story. For a daytime dressy look, I would suggest silk shantung, silk crepe or a blend of fibers for the same effect. The pattern jacket can also be combined with pants for another less-dressy look. Dressy fabrics are more delicate, and you must use caution when pressing them. You want a slightly pressed look, not an ironed one.

A sheer interfacing

Q: I am going to make a sheer georgette blouse for spring. I'm worried about the interfacing; I definitely don't want it to show. What do you suggest?

A: Because georgette is fairly sheer, like chiffon, I would suggest using silk organza for an interfacing. It gives enough body and is fairly sheer. You can test the color ahead of time to be sure it doesn't show through. It's best to do this at the same time you purchase your fabric. If the store does not carry silk organza, you may use poly organza, but I always prefer using the same kind of fabric as your garment fabric.

This week's winner

Each week, a reader wins a prize for sending in a helpful sewing hint. This week's winner is Anna Horvath of Brooksville. She will receive a collection of 100 hand-sewing needles from England. Her tip:

"I always have trouble threading sewing-machine needles. I finally solved the problem by removing the needle, threading it and slipping the needle back in the machine. It always works!"

You, too, could win a collection of hand-sewing needles. Send your sewing tips to Eunice Farmer, Box 31729, St. Louis, MO 63131, or If she selects your tidbit for publication, you'll receive this prize.

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