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Another doctor is slashed while trying to help the woman.

A man hacked a psychologist to death with a meat cleaver at her Upper East Side office and seriously injured another therapist who tried to help her, police said.

The search was on Wednesday for the man as police tried to determine whether he was a patient of Kathryn Faughey. She was killed Tuesday night in the office suite.

Police recovered three knives from the scene, including the cleaver and a 9-inch knife also used in the attack. A suitcase on wheels filled with women's clothing and adult diapers was also found, along with another bag filled with eight smaller knives that were not believed to have been used in the attack.

"The condition of the room was that of a fierce struggle," police spokesman Paul Browne said Wednesday. "There was blood on the floor and on the walls."

Police said the man, wearing a green overcoat and baseball hat, arrived at the office about 8 p.m. Tuesday, saying he had an appointment with Dr. Kent Shinbach, 70, a geriatric psychiatrist who worked in the same office suite as Faughey.

The man walked past a doorman, into the waiting room and then into Faughey's office, police said. As he assaulted her, Shinbach ran to help.

The assailant then attacked Shinbach, pinning him to the wall with a chair and stealing $90 before escaping through a basement door. Shinbach was in serious condition at a hospital with slash wounds on his head, face and arms.

Faughey, 56, a licensed psychologist, described herself as a specialist in cognitive behavioral therapy, which focuses on changing thoughts that cause feelings or behaviors.

Information from Newsday was used in this report.