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Published Sep. 9, 2009

So there are very few photos on this page.

I don't like that.

Here at the St. Petersburg Times we've been looking for Hometown photos - snapshots of you or your friends or family playing sports - for some time now.

We dedicate a page every Thursday in the Hernando and Pasco Times specifically for these photos.

Thing is, we want to see them.

Sure, the photos are there for your enjoyment mostly. But we use them, too.

Sometimes, these photos turn into stories for our other community sports pages during the week.

Not to mention it's difficult for me to be at every league throughout two counties.

Actually, it's pretty much impossible.

So I need your help. But really, I need your photos and phone calls.

If you have a photo of your son's Little League team, a big group photo of players holding a trophy they won -send it in.

If your daughter dominated competition at a gymnastics event - get those to me in an e-mail.

If you and your jogging buddies ran in the Gasparilla run this past weekend -show us. And I know people were taking photos out there because I saw them myself when I was running that exact race.

This is what we need from you. We need these photos to fill up this weekly page, that way there are more than just a handful of applicants.

If we get enough, we can have specific Hernando and Pasco photos.

I just took over this job and this page, and the lack of photo submissions I get has to be the most mind-boggling aspect of my job.

I take photos all the time of things I do, and to be honest, wouldn't you rather get these in the paper than putting them up on your MySpace or Facebook account?

I know I would.

So here's what you do. Take that digital camera and load the photos up into your computer.

Then e-mail them to me at

Make sure they are at least 1 MB (1,000 K) in size and that you include a description with the photo, so I can write a caption. Specifically, include the who, the what, the where, the when and the why, plus any other important details that I might need.

Remember if the pictures are too small, we can't run them. The bigger the better.

Look, I want to like this page, and I want you, the readers to like this page.

And I want you guys to get me photos. We have to work together on this.

After all, it's your hometown. Show it off.

Mike Camunas can be reached at or (352) 544-9480.