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Re: New plan for troubled land - story, Feb. 13

I truly enjoyed reading this article by staff writer Lorri Helfand. The property at the intersection of Belcher and Belleair roads that my friends and I have always referred to simply as "2140" is of great interest to many, especially the Walker family and those of us who are friends and grew up riding horses, swimming, fishing and falling in love multiple times in and around there.

Charlie and Olive Walker raised a great family on that land, and I promise there wasn't a single dull moment on the premises.

Those of us who remember and loved Olive know the real reason there hasn't been anyone able to achieve success on that property thus far: The spirit of Olive lives on, and she must not have been pleased with anyone's ideas yet. I guarantee you she's keeping an eye on "2140" and can scare off the devil himself if she so pleases.

Good luck to the new owner. If you find favor with the ghost of Olive Walker, you may just be successful!

Frances Vinson Bradford, Clearwater

Re: Sad day will pass unnoted at school story, Feb. 11

Dark day isn't forgotten

This article truly fails to give notice to the real victims of the events that day in 1988 at Pinellas Park High School. Unnoted by whom?

Certainly not my son, who crouched to hide behind an overturned lunch table and witnessed the bullets hitting administrator Richard Allen. He has nightmares today.

Certainly not his friends, whom I came home to find huddled in my family room with looks on their faces and fear in their voices that I can only compare to those of my friends on the day that JFK was murdered.

It certainly does not consider the helplessness of parents, who were not able to protect their children, and a system unprepared to assist. When I went to a meeting of parents called by the school, I passed a bloodied cafeteria support post.

I remember the day in 1996 that my son announced to me that shooter Jason Harless had been released.

Unnoted? Certainly not by those who live with the memory of it. Perhaps we should grant this event its due note and talk about it a little more.

Sue Humphreys, Dunedin

Re: Officer cleared in french fry flap story, Feb. 5

Fry flap had a flip side

Well, well. Now we've heard the other side of the story. Okay, all of you Monday morning quarterbacks (i.e. lawyers and former and current criminals who just hate any and all law enforcement officers). Let's sit down, take a deep breath and stop pointing fingers at the Clearwater Police Department.

And to attorney Steven Andrews, who had the nerve to say there was no probable cause to arrest this mouthy woman: Mr. Andrews, there were many witnesses to this incident. Could that be one of the elements of disorderly conduct (breach of the peace)?

Also, if the Clearwater mayor is reading this, I would expect him to apologize to Officer Matthew Parco and at least show some support for your fine law enforcement agency.

You did a great job, Officer Parco, and be safe out there!

Bill Burnett, St. Petersburg

Re: Officer cleared in french fry flap story, Feb. 5

Police in drive-throughs

I am curious to know if police departments have any policies regarding the use of drive-throughs. If an officer is stuck in a drive-through, he is not available for public safety. Is it more secure for the officer's safety and security to park and exit the vehicle and go inside a restaurant?

Ron Skidmore, Largo