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Published Feb. 22, 2008

A former Republican campaign worker says President Bush's former top political adviser, Karl Rove, asked her to find evidence that the Democratic governor of Alabama at the time was cheating on his wife, according to a broadcast of 60 Minutes to be aired Sunday.

The aide, Jill Simpson, has long alleged that Rove may have influenced the corruption prosecution of former Gov. Don Siegelman. She testified to congressional investigators last year that she overheard conversations among Republicans in 2002 indicating that Rove was involved in the Justice Department's prosecution of Siegelman.

She has never before said that Rove pressed her for evidence of marital infidelity, in spite of testifying to congressional lawyers last year, submitting a sworn affidavit and speaking extensively with reporters.

Rove's attorney, Robert Luskin, denied the allegation.

"Mr. Rove never made such a request to her or anyone else," Luskin said in an e-mail. "Had 60 Minutes taken the trouble to contact Mr. Rove before circulating this falsehood, he would have told them the same thing." In its statement, CBS said Rove declined to speak with 60 Minutes.