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Let's develop a Pasco beach - Feb. 20, letter

One of the first natural things needed for a beach is water with a little depth. The letter writer obviously has never been in a boat along our coastline. The entire coast of Pasco County is made up of very shallow sand and grass flats.

Has he ever been to Hudson Beach or Green Key at low tide? Where is the water? The area at the end of State Road 52 is protected marsh for one-half mile so shallow mostly only airboats can navigate there. When you get to the actual gulf, you can walk a half mile at high tide.

We'd all like to have a nice beach but sometimes geological conditions just don't allow it.

Jon Campbell,New Port Richey

Brown-Waite insensitive, arrogant -Feb. 20, guest column

Vote legislator out of office

I totally agree with guest columnist Carmelo Delgado's statement that U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite has become an embarrassment to her political party, to the U.S. House of Representatives, to her congressional district and to herself. Her arrogance and bigotry is unacceptable and should be condemned by all. One can only wonder what ethnic group she and her parrot Charlie Keller will insult next.

Her official Web site tells us "Ginny has built a reputation as an independent and fearless leader with the ability and authority to get things done on behalf of her Florida constituents" and that "Ginny's arduous work is a testament to her drive, tenacity and dedication to the people of the 5th District." These characterizations would be funny if they were not so pathetic and possibly should include a footnote that her Florida constituents do not include "foreign citizens (Puerto Ricans and Guamians)" Muslims, French, immigrant workers, anybody with a cognomen ending in a vowel.

All voters in the district should remember her name, attitude and arrogance the next time they vote and remove her from office. I would also caution her opponents who plan to put out campaign signs to be on the alert as her husband will surely be out and about.

Michael Cleary,New Port Richey

Wal-Mart is a looming threat - Feb. 20, letter

Road engineer's plan missed mark

I don't believe it should take long to fulfill the DOT prerequisite to put a light at the entrance to Leisure Beach. Due to Wal-Mart, the left turn lane into the subdivision has been redesigned. Approximately 10 feet was cut out of the median, paved and painted with white stripes to push the lane closer to the west (southbound traffic).

What a joke! What was this engineer thinking? Drivers attempting to turn left across U.S. 19 into the community are now pretty much parallel with southbound traffic leaving 10 feet less room to negotiate their attempt to cross the highway. As for the U-turn, ditto.

On the other hand, maybe we really needed to lose that 10 feet so as to be able to beat the southbound traffic which comes barreling down U.S. 19 past the occasional speed trap just to the north.

Danny J. Santilli, Hudson

If State Farm wins, we all lose

The recent statement from State Farm that it was dropping up to 10,000 customers who live within one mile of water is a slap in the face to its policyholders and our so-called insurance commissioner.

If the insurance commissioner lets State Farm pull this, who is next? All the insurance companies in Florida only want the cream, those to whom they rarely pay claims. The rest are considered a liability.

If State Farm wants to try to pull this, Tallahassee should inform them that they can no longer sell insurance to anyone and the cream of their business (car insurance) would be denied. I am sure they will rethink their proposal as the auto insurance is extremely profitable.

This will also send a clear message to the other insurers who may be waiting to see if State Farm gets away with this. The only place to go is the insurer of last resort, Citizens. This will impact our state in a very negative light and will force most coastal residences to move out of state.

We tout our beaches and our beautiful views, but this insurance scam will send a message to all who are considering a move to Florida: Move elsewhere.

Joseph Kuhn,New Port Richey

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