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From the editors of tbt* - Tampa Bay Times

Well, the Academy Awards are over. But that only means it's time for the real highlight - shameful, hungover, post-Oscars gossip:

- The most intriguing tidbit comes from People, which reports that Sean Penn (who has been separated from Robin Wright Penn for less than two months) popped up with model Petra Nemcova at the Elton John AIDS Foundation party. Nemcova told People that she and the actor "are friends" and that Penn is an adviser to her charity, but the mag says they've been spotted together around town.

- What, exactly, was the deal with Gary Busey getting all Gary Busey with Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Garner on the red carpet in a moment captured in all its Psycho glory live on the E! network? Busey called Seacrest's radio show Monday morning to explain. "I just wanted to pay you a compliment," he said. What was that compliment, exactly? "Your heart has a way to embrace the truth in your delivery, without looking like you're reading from a script." Okay then.

- Turns out we weren't the only ones wondering why the late Brad Renfro didn't merit a mention during the Oscars' In Memoriam segment. Radar Online even asked why the Apt Pupil star got the shaft. "Unfortunately, we can't fit everyone in," a spokesperson told Radar, adding that Renfro died too late to make the cut. But wait ... didn't Renfro die a week before Heath Ledger, who made the cut? Radar suspects the omission had more to do with Renfro dying from a heroin overdose. Also edited out, apparently: Charles Nelson Reilly, Joey Bishop and Marcel Marceau.

- The most questionable faux paw of the 2008 Oscars (and that includes the horrible pun we just made) might have been Sharon Stone's decision to wear a broach made from a rat's paw to the Elton John party. PETA, of course, didn't like the ratly accoutrement, stating: "Her accessories these days are as dead as her career." Um ... snap?

Brangelina's bump

If you were glued to the television all day Sunday, you probably spotted a shot of Angelina Jolie's baby bulge, as photographed at the Independent Spirit Awards. If not, well, here she is, in all her shapely glory.

Edited by Joshua Gillin