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Two parents charged with child neglect Monday attributed their behavior to video games. Lavon B. Rowells, 23, and Christina M. Rowells, 24, were arrested after their toddlers, ages 2 and 3, were found wandering the halls of a Rodeway Inn on Fowler Avenue in Tampa. Four hours after the children were found, the parents returned. Lavon Rowells told police the kids were asleep when he left to pick up his wife at a strip club. The parents went to a friend's house to play video games and lost track of time, police said.

City draws sympathy line at big signs

Patricia Bonati thought bigger signs would attract the kind of attention needed to help bring her missing dog, Pooh Bear, home. The city of St. Petersburg's take? Too tacky. If they let her put up signs, they'd have to let everyone, and then the park would be full of signs. City officials told her to take down her 3- by 4-foot laminated sign in Vinoy Park - and any others on city property - that advertised a $5,000 reward with a picture of the bichon frise. "It's kind of just a slap in my face," Bonati said. "My dog is missing. I'm not trying to trash the park." Pooh Bear disappeared during a walk in early April. Since then, Bonati says she put up 600 small signs and 15 big signs. Signs or no signs, Bonati just wants Pooh Bear back: "I just really want her home, no questions asked."

Eagle survives hit by plane, back in wild

In bird vs. plane scenarios, the birds don't usually fare well. That's why the release of an eagle into the wild Monday was so special. The eagle, which was thought to be at least 5 years old, was found three months ago lying beside a runway at Orlando International Airport, the Orlando Sentinel reports. She had multiple fractures to her wing and bruises all over her body. Volunteers for the Audubon Center for Birds ofPrey suspect she was clipped by a plane and then tumbled to the ground. She underwent surgery to repair her wing and had been doing daily flying exercises in a large cage to prepare for Monday's release, the center's 364th.