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Published May 12, 2008

"Why us?''

Wesley Chapel High School principal Andy Frelick said this is the question some students were asking after the latest tragedy at the school, the death of seniors Kristin Gaskin and Tabatha Pastrana in a traffic accident. Frelick said 17 students have died in tragedies since 1999.

"They are just babies. They're dying for us.''

Tropical Breeze Cafe owner Edna Gonzalezas she watched a motorcade carrying Sgt. Marcus Mathes wind its way through Dade City en route to the National Cemetery in Bushnell. Sgt. Mathes, of Zephyrhills, was killed in combat in Iraq.

"I feel like they're trying to put some fear in us. They're trying to make me think they're going to put homeless people in my back yard.''

Sue Smiley,a resident of Aloha Gardens in Holiday where a secretive land trust has bought a narrow strip of land behind nine homes.

"This is the result of a successful downtown.''

Dade City Mayor Scott Black, commenting on the lack of parking spots available downtown.

"I promise not to start wearing Birkenstocks.''

New Dade City Commissioner Curtis Beebewho wants the city to promote ecotourism, including the city's proximity to the Green Swamp.

"I feel so bad. I'm sure this person is like, 'Oh my God, where's my ring?' And here it is.''

Penny McCaffrey, who helps coordinate a boot collection fundraiser for the Pasco County Professional Firefighters Local 4420. She is trying to find a woman who may have accidentally lost her ring in one of the boots.