Published June 27, 2008|Updated June 27, 2008

"Pacman has done more damage to black people and the image of black men than Don Imus has done in his entire life."

Kansas City Star columnist Jason Whitlock, on the Best Damn Sports Show, talking about the Cowboys' Pacman Jones and Jones' comment that Imus has a problem with African-Americans.

Broadcaster of the day

The word on the street - that's how the cool kids and those in the know talk - is that Bob Papa has been tabbed to replace Bryant Gumbel as the play-by-play announcer on NFL Network games. Papa's primary job is radio announcer for New York Giants games, but he does have national experience, including work on HBO boxing. He reportedly has beaten out NBC's Tom Hammond and Lakers radio announcer Spero Dedes. Papa, a solid pro, is an excellent pick for the NFL Network.