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Published Dec. 31, 2009

Three years after being chosen as head of the board that oversees Florida's state university system, chancellor Mark B. Rosenberg has resigned.

Rosenberg announced Monday that he will return to the faculty at Florida International University in February, having served as chancellor a year longer than he had planned.

"I committed to two years, and then I stayed a third," said Rosenberg, a political scientist and expert on Latin America. "I just think it's time."

Board of Governors chairwoman Sheila McDevitt said Rosenberg's decision did not come as a complete surprise. Recruited by the board in October 2005 after a search failed to produce what board members were looking for, Rosenberg made it clear from the start that he was there for the short term, McDevitt said.

The board can begin discussing the replacement process as early as Thursday, when it meets at the University of South Florida.


5 Lutheran churches pool resources as one

Five Lutheran churches in west Pasco have consolidated their memberships and financial resources amid dwindling worshipers at some locations.

The new church, which will begin services Oct. 5, will be called Spirit of Grace Lutheran Church. It is a combination of First Lutheran Church, Joyful Spirit Lutheran Church, Immanuel Lutheran Church, All Saints Lutheran Church and King of Glory Lutheran Church.

By pooling their resources, church leaders say, the congregation can concentrate on outreach ministries.


New superintendent nearly set on contract

Julie Janssen, Pinellas County's new school superintendent, has tentatively agreed to a three-year contract that will pay her $200,000 a year, the bottom of the salary range the School Board set for the job. The board had set the upper limit at $240,000. The board is expected to consider the deal today.

The contract calls for $250 per month for cell phone and similar expenses and a monthly automobile allowance of $900 that requires Janssen to purchase her own auto liability insurance, and premiums to cover a $500,000 life insurance policy for Janssen.

Janssen's salary would remain at $200,000 unless her annual performance review is "satisfactory" or higher. In that event, she would receive the same percentage salary increase as the district's classroom teachers, up to 5 percent. The deal, which would expire in 2011, is similar to the board's agreement with former superintendent Clayton Wilcox, whose salary stood at $204,000 when he left in June.