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The content of FSN's pregame has been fine because Rays TV announcers Joe Magrane and Dewayne Staats are doing most of the talking. But the whole format is off-kilter for the games in Fenway because of where everyone is. Rays sideline reporter Todd Kalas is at Fenway, while Magrane, Staats and Whit Watson are in a studio in ... Orlando? Might as well be Pluto. Makes the whole show disjointed. FSN probably can't set up shop in Fenway (though, Major League Baseball should allow the participating teams to do that), but FSN can't send Staats and Magrane to Boston and set up shop outside of Fenway? If you're going to do a pregame show with Staats and Magrane, send them to Boston where they can talk to players and coaches.

Biggest diss

TBS's studio show - Inside MLB - went on the road to Fenway Park though it didn't travel to Tampa Bay for Games 1 and 2. Considering home base for TBS is Atlanta, what the heck?

Best insight

TBS analyst Buck Martinez nailed the Rays' philosophy of how they put together a successful team: "The only strategy that could work if you're a so-called 'small-market team' - build through the draft, develop and grow together. Then players learn to care more about the name on the front of the uniform than the name on the back. When you lose together then how much fun is it when you start winning together?''

Best replay

TBS held on for the perfect moment to break out a great piece of videotape. Just after Rocco Baldelli homered to give the Rays an 8-1 lead in the eighth, TBS showed a pregame scene with Baldelli on the bench with his 10-year-old brother, Dante. That's what it's all about, people.

Coolest comment

"You're starting to feel a little destiny here, aren't you?'' TBS's Ron Darling said in the ninth inning. "The team whose slogan is nine equals eight won the last game 9-8 and then scored nine runs (Monday)?''