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Published Oct. 22, 2008

I'm from Boston. I now live in Clearwater, the last 10 years. I have been to the Trop to watch the Rays and Red Sox. I am appalled at the Rays fans. I cannot believe their behavior - rude, rowdy, drunk and very loud with their cowbells. Several people had to be escorted out of the park. I had my grandson with me and had to leave because of the profanity.

Fenway Park is so different. Real sportsmanship, good clean fun. It's great to have a major-league baseball team in the area, but are these the type of people the Rays want to attract to their stadium?

Chris Barile,Clearwater

Friday was a historic night for the Rays and St. Petersburg. Baseball aside, two teenage performers were invited to perform at the game, and both did phenomenal jobs. For John Romano to characterize one on the front page as "American Idol's most annoying singer available" was way out of line and unnecessary. I'm sure he and his parents will have fond memories of their visit here, thanks to Romano. Frankly, I find his writing annoying many times.

Dr. Leroy A. McCloud, St. Petersburg

I watched the first two games of the ALCS between the Rays and Red Sox playing in the Trop, which was filled to the rafters with fans. Fans who were loud, noisy, showing their pleasure in having their home team in the playoffs; I wondered where have these people been the past 11 years, when the Rays were cellar dwellers, when these same fans could have helped the team by providing the necessary revenue to make them successful earlier. Will they show up next year should the Rays lose to the Sox and the season ends without a World Series to play in?

Sal Reale,Seminole

I attended both Red Sox games at the Trop. Friday, the seats next to me had Red Sox fans, and they enjoyed the game as did everyone in our section. They weren't rude, obnoxious or drunk. ... Saturday was a totally different scenario. Four or five Sox fans in row D, behind the TV cameramen, became intolerable. They caused such a ruckus that they had to be physically removed after ignoring warnings by Trop security.

It's one thing to "root for your team" and another to become combative with security and police.

The fans of Section 311 applaud both the Trop security and the St. Petersburg Police for your good work on our behalf and all baseball fans.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and Go Rays!

Frank Barry,Seminole

As I sit here watching the game in the eighth inning on TBS, I am looking at the Red Sox fans in despair sitting in the bleachers. This is the life. ...

Boston fans, be afraid, be very afraid. ...

John George,Brandon