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Re: Eagles add a twist Oct. 15 story

Thank you for the wonderful news of the bald eagles nesting along the banks of the Anclote River on the property proposed for a Wal-Mart Supercenter. In light of this recent development, I do not see how the Tarpon Springs City Commission can approve a site plan Tuesday that it knows is already outdated because of the discovery of this nest. This site plan makes no provisions for the 330-foot (or 660-foot federal regulation, if applicable) setback to protect this nest.

Could it be that the loss of the parking spaces would put them under the number of spaces required by law for a development of that size?

Wal-Mart's spokeswoman claims it has been aware of the nest since spring, and yet it has made no plans to accommodate them in this new site plan. If Wal-Mart officials don't intend to change the site plan accordingly, it tells me they intend to have the nest removed - possibly by crying financial hardship! This City Commission must not pass the buck by approving the site plan on condition they meet the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's requirements.

The City Commission needs to represent the citizens of Tarpon Springs and vote no on this site plan based on major changes and let our national symbol, the bald eagle, raise a family in peace.

Joan Skaaland, Tarpon Springs

Thank God for those bald eagles

Thank God for nesting bald eagles on the Anclote River. Also thank God that we have lawmakers that had the foresight to enact tough laws protecting them.

John Thurmond, Ozona

Don't hurt eagles or their habitat

I love bald eagles. Why do corporations have to put a building right where eagles have their nest? It is not that they're mean; they are just hurting the bird and habitat. Right?

Wal-Mart should find a different location or take the acres where the eagles are off their plans.

I'm a kid and I'm in the fourth grade.

Carly Byrd, Clearwater

Re: History muddies debate on Tarpon Wal-Mart Oct. 16 story

City should resist retailer's tactics

The attempt by Wal-Mart's attorney to try to eliminate from the debate process those who disagree with its position should be resisted.

The fact is that there are many people in Tarpon who have expressed an opinion on the Wal-Mart issue. For the most part, they have done so because they are concerned about the economic and environmental effects of this project. Their concerns have led some to object to the project and others to support it.

To simply dismiss those who have legitimate objections as unqualified and biased is ridiculous. Following this logic, we would also need to eliminate those who have expressed support for the project. This would leave the decision to those with little interest in the city's well-being.

I would hope that those responsible for managing our city have the strength and integrity to resist Wal-Mart's high-handed tactics, which are intended to subvert the process and stack the jury in its favor.

Jean Jester, Tarpon Springs


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