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Sheriff's Cpl. Christopher Magavero takes a teenage girl out of class and brings her to an office where they were alone. While there, this fool says something really stupid and is immediately fired, as he should have been.

Meanwhile we have this Deputy Scott Gattuso, who apparently has been running amuck for 20 years with 30 complaints without consequences. While supposedly being investigated for one of his misdeeds, he received a year off with pay.

His wife says he fraudulently claimed his car was stolen to collect insurance. He was convicted of check fraud, yet he was allowed to retire on a full pension while under investigation and is allowed to take $12,000 in unused vacation and sick time.

Apparently they don't have a clue or don't care at the Sheriff's Office. It's only taxpayers' money.

Joe Kehoe, Port Richey

School bus drivers deserve bonus

The school bus driver is the person who makes sure millions of children reach their school safely, each and every day. The driver and the transportation assistant are usually the first school employees the children encounter every day. They are the ones who start the children's school day and bring them home safely.

We celebrate National School Bus Safety Week on Oct. 20-24 in recognition of the dedication of transportation employees from all across America. The United School Employees of Pasco (USEP) honors our drivers, assistants and mechanics for their professionalism and excellent safety record. That's why USEP is committed to securing their economic future during these especially troubling times and contract negotiations.

Our transportation employees are invaluable. Parents count on them to show up every day to safely transport their children to and from school. Let's face it, not just anyone can do their jobs when they are absent!

With National School Bus Safety Week just around the corner and Pasco's enviable bus safety record, the superintendent should give her hard-working, dedicated transportation employees more than words of appreciation. She should show true appreciation and respect by continuing their perfect attendance bonus.

Lynne J. Webb, President United School Employees of Pasco, Land O'Lakes

Vacant gas station needs to be razed

The former gas station and car wash on the corner of St. Lawrence Drive and Little Road in unincorporated New Port Richey has been empty for three years. No one in Pasco County government whom I've spoken to can give a logical reason why these dilapidated, vacant buildings have not been dismantled.

The only thing that was done was a 5-foot chain-link fence was erected. The corner is so dark that the chain-link fence was stolen.

No one in the county will take action to get this site cleaned up. It is not only unsightly, but it is a health hazard to the neighborhood. It is a breeding ground for rats and other vermin. Homeless people inhabit it, and it is used as a dump by locals.

County Commissioner Michael Cox says another fence is going to be erected. That is not the answer. The building needs to be razed and the lot cleaned up. It is on busy Little Road, is a terrible eyesore and devalues properties all around it. If it was three blocks farther south in Trinity, it would be demolished in a week.

This mess is definitely a detriment to the environment. What has to be done to get rid of this dangerous eyesore?

Bob Koch,New Port Richey


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