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2 amendments give voters veto power - Oct. 14, story

Regarding an effort by the group Preserve Our Wallets and Waterfront to amend the St. Petersburg city charter, City Attorney John Wolfe said, "Basically, you couldn't do much of anything with your parks."

This is not correct. Small, park-appropriate development would be permitted without a referendum. This would include such things as bathrooms, picnic shelters, benches, lights, fountains, landscaping, sidewalks, trails, gardens, parking lots with fewer than 20 spaces, bicycle racks, area or border fencing, signs and public art.

More important, same-size/same-use replacement facilities would not require a referendum. If the Al Lang stadium or a museum needed to be replaced over time, no referendum would be needed for the city to do this. However, the city would not be obligated to replace structures. As a result, as appropriate, some of this land would revert to open, green space, as was the goal 100 years ago.

Hal Freedman, POWW, St. Petersburg

Veteran care kudos

My husband was recently a patient at the Community Living Center (Nursing Home) at Bay Pines.

What a wonderful experience that was for my husband and myself. They do a wonderful job for our veterans, not only in the care but in all the resources they offer - support groups, palliative care and numerous self-help programs.

We are familiar with a lot of nursing homes on the outside, and they should really take a long look at how well the government runs its facility.

I can't say enough good things. Bravo and thank you to all the nurses and volunteers who make our veterans' lives very special every day.

Our government dollars are being put to good use.

Nancy Francis, St. Petersburg

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