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County's children deserve a pool - Dan DeWitt column Oct. 10

Dan DeWitt is right. The county's children deserve a public pool. Brooksville had a public pool but it was filled in during desegregation.

A pool would be more useful to the county than the new school near Commercial Way. With enrollment dropping, is that school really needed?

New schools in two locations - the one planned near Commercial Way and another one in Ridge Manor - would give children a shorter bus ride, but we also need to remember that if enrollment drops enough that consolidation is necessary, vacant buildings cost money to maintain.

A county public pool would provide some work for contractors plus a staff would be needed to maintain and operate it.

I don't think anyone expects a public pool to offer free admission. Many people would be happy to pay a fee. Not only would it be wonderful for children, doctors recommend swimming for people of all ages.

Doris Taylor, Brooksville

Stop mocking Spring Hill Fire

I support Spring Hill Fire Rescue. I do not want to see a merger with Hernando County.

I am tired of the newspapers only in putting negative things about Spring Hill Fire Rescue. The men and women of this department have served us for 34 years and it disgusts me how quickly some people will turn their back on them. I see people mocking them at meetings about why we have a ladder truck. Anyone can see Spring Hill is quickly building up and there are multiple-story apartment complexes popping up.

Please vote ''yes'' for independence on Nov. 4.

Kendra Knauff, Spring Hill

Fire setup works, so leave it alone

The one outstanding question raised by another writer is what will it cost in real tax dollars to change the Spring Hill Fire Rescue over to the county?

It sounds like the county would charge us significantly more and we would lose our investment of buildings and equipment. Someday, if Spring Hill incorporates into an actual government body, we would have to buy back all our paid-for property. That would be a bad thing.

This has been a really bad year so we don't need any more bad news next year on our taxes because of an uninformed vote now. Better to leave well enough alone.

Doug Adams, Spring Hill

Consolidation no deal for residents

As a Spring Hill resident, I have witnessed, as have many of my neighbors and friends, and benefited by the quick response to any emergency calls.

Our Spring Hill EMTs were very knowledgeable, competent and reassuring while doing their jobs.

We are paying less taxes for our fire department than Hernando residents are. We are receiving quality, professional services, so why should we consolidate with Hernando? We will pay more, give up service and possibly some of our equipment, such as the ambulance, ladder truck and engine pumper paid for by Spring Hill residents. If this happens, we will not have the security we have now with the quick response factor.

Why change what has worked for so long? I say, vote ''yes'' on the referendum for independence. If it isn't broken, don't fix it.

Marilyn Reyer, Spring Hill