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Big surprise, three weeks before the Nov. 4 election the commissioners vote 4-0 in favor of paving limerock roads over five years. Apparently they finally found a cost-effective way to control the dust and ruts with time-honored chip and seal. This has been used nearly forever in other states.

I chuckled when they finally paved Deltona Boulevard and then the intersection at Spring Hill and Deltona in a half day after people complained for a year or more. Need votes, perhaps?

I giggled when they moved forward again with the Elgin Boulevard widening with a state booster shot of $2-million right before the election.

I laughed when they offered the now-considered "portable houses" on Elgin to the needy via Habitat for Humanity or bidder involvement.

I moaned when they tried to move forward with the dredging, which is bogging down yet again with a few local complainers and one rich guy. Single-minded leadership brought this all into the quagmire of Hernando. If you can drill off the Florida coast, you certainly ought to be able to dredge a clean fill channel for the boaters/tourists who are our only bread and butter now that construction is dead.

We still have two weeks left until the election. Wonder how many other minor miracles can occur? Maybe we should have elections every year; then we can expect to get lots more done at the end of every term.

How about some continuous sidewalks/bike paths on busy roads for citizens to get around safely? Commissioners can buy my vote with that.

Doug Adams, Spring Hill

Many pitch in to find leak and fix it

Not too long ago, you printed a letter about all the problems I was having. My problems were many, but I know other people are having problems, too.

This is actually a thank-you to the people who helped me with my plumbing. First, Jean for her offer. Steve for coming out and then hooking me up with Anthony, who, with his partner, found my leak and fixed it at no cost. I'm eternally grateful to them and because there are so many kind and generous people in Hernando County.

Dorothy Rockwell, Spring Hill