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The first BCS rankings have the top two teams seemingly in control of their destiny.

Texas and Alabama have the inside track to the title game in Miami, with the two undefeated teams a solid 1-2 in the first BCS rankings released Sunday.

Texas is an overwhelming No. 1 in the USA Today coaches' poll and the Harris Poll, and rated first in each of the six computer rankings, giving the Longhorns a BCS grade of .998 out of 1.000.

Alabama is second across the board, behind Texas in the polls and the computers. The Crimson Tide has a BCS average of .949, which bodes well for Alabama being in control of its destiny.

With an .867 average, third-place Penn State has to keep winning, and winning big, to have a shot at catching Alabama.

Florida is 10th, USF is 16th and FSU is 25th.

Potential BCS busters Utah (.634) from the Mountain West is 11th and Boise State (.587) from the WAC is 12th.

Texas next plays Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, Kansas down the road, and possibly a Big 12 title game. Against that schedule, a loss would not eliminate the Longhorns from contention.

AP POLL: There was little movement at the top, but FSU (No. 24) was among five new teams moving into the final five spots. Texas, which routed Missouri on Saturday, received all 65 first-place votes, the first team to do that in the regular season since Ohio State during the last four weeks of the 2006 season.