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Ever since the roaches-in-the-mouth record fell last week, you knew that the snails-on-the-face record was on borrowed time. Tiana Walton, 9, of Cheshire, U.K., broke it, with a flourish. The record was 15, held by Liam Kenny of Australia. But Tiana smoked that record, getting 25 on her visage. Here is the drill: She had one minute to put as many snails on her face as possible, then had to tip her head forward for 10 seconds to make sure they were holding on. Any that fall off don't count. "It is relaxing but it feels a bit cold," Tiana said. "They are quite smelly and you can see their big long eyes." Tiana isn't the first in her family to make Guinness. In 1980, her mom grew the biggest lemon in the world (3 lbs. 14 oz.).

Iran too hungry to set sandwich record

With all the negative press Iran has been getting, what with nuclear ambition and terrorism and such, the country's leading sandwich artists got together to make the world's largest sandwich. So 1,500 cooks spent two days stuffing about 2,000 pounds of ostrich meat into a 5,000-foot-long sandwich. New to the giant-sandwich-assembly game, though, people in the crowd started eating the sandwich before it was measured by the Guinness folks who were on hand for no reason other than to measure the sandwich. And it was gone in no time. Organizers plan to send video evidence to Guinness in hopes that will count.


She stole the ball that was in her yard

Edna Jester, 89, of Blue Ash, Ohio, was arrested last week after keeping a football that landed in her yard. Apparently, it had happened several times, and she wasn't at all happy about it, so she took action. Then a father of one of the kids called police. Police were aware of the situation, because the football in Jester's yard was an ongoing dispute. She faces a charge of petty theft, and could get up to six months in jail and a fine of $1,000.

Souped-up golf cart loses cops?

Police in Morgan, Utah, were on the trail of a man who was driving recklessly in a city park. It should've been fairly easy to catch him, because he was in a golf cart. But he took off through an alfalfa field, then jumped an irrigation ditch to elude the officers. A police official surmised that the cart might have been outfitted with a souped-up car engine, but they might have just been trying to make themselves feel better. The man's escape was short-lived: They found him the next day at his grandmother's house.

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"Sex offenders in Maryland must put a pumpkin symbol in the window that says 'No candy here.' Well, a pumpkin in the window will certainly stand out as a warning during Halloween."

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