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At Legends Hair Studio, clothes, coifs and conversation center on the champs who play in the Trop.

Sandra Serrano was contemplating a radical change in hair color Tuesday - from dark brown to bright blue.

At least the switch would go along with her outfit. She was already wearing a Rays shirt, a team hat and bright blue lipstick. "Why not get the hair blue, too?" she asked. "I have to admit, I'm thinking about it."

Serrano would likely be taking her 8-year-old son to Legends Hair Studio in south St. Petersburg later Tuesday to have his hair buzzed into a Rayhawk.

"Of course he has to ask his teacher first. But if she lets him, he's going to get the Rayhawk and maybe even get his hair dyed blue, too."

Her son, Jamian, has been asking for a Rayhawk ever since his eighth birthday. "That's when we took him to his first Rays game," she said. "Since then he's been a die-hard fan. He's totally hooked."

The 33-year-old corporate credit consultant would not be getting a Rayhawk to match her son's, but she said she has been wearing her Rays gear to work in recent weeks.

The talk was all Rays at Legends, a barbershop where owner John Green says he sees team pride expressed in his hair-grooming salon every day.

"Of course everyone's excited. We have about three or four people coming in a day asking for a Rayhawk," he said. "We finally have our own team to be proud of, so people want to express that in their style." Green was dressed entirely in Rays gear as well.

Shanteka Yung, a 15-year-old student at Lakewood High School, was at Legends to have her eyebrows trimmed. When asked if she would be getting a Rayhawk, she responded with an emphatic "No!" But she's still a fan.

"Everyone at my school is really excited about the Rays. I'm probably going to have a party at my house and invite all my friends to watch the World Series. ... The team has been here since I was a little kid, I've been a fan almost my whole life," she said.

Everyone at Legends had their own thoughts as to why the Rays rose from last to first, but costumer Comer Boswell has it all figured out.

"Oh, I know it's because they dropped the name 'Devil,'" he said. "Every since they got the 'Devil' out of their name, it's just been all up for them. That's got to be what it is."

Later that day, Jamian came home from school. Apparently his teacher is a Rays fan, too, so he will be getting his long-awaited Rayhawk.

Not to be outdone by Jamian, his mother decided to dye her hair blue.