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There were two winners at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Atlanta Falcons game on Sept. 14. The Bucs trounced the Falcons, and at halftime Thomas Wooten of Spring Hill found out what it was like to win a new Ford Flex.

Wooten's fiancee, Kelly Wagoner, said it all happened because of a radio contest they heard on Thunder 103.5 FM, one of the official radio stations of the Buccaneers. Callers had to guess a Bucs player's voice. After calling and getting through, Wooten guessed wrong - twice. It was the third call, with help from Wagoner and her son, when Wooten gave the winning answer - tight end Alex Smith. At the time, both Wooten and Wagoner were ecstatic because they won tickets to the game.

But in addition to tickets, Wooten was given a key, one of six presented to winning radio station contestants. One of the keys would open the locked door of the new Ford Flex. During halftime, the six with keys were on the field next to a Flex. Two others tried their keys before it was Wooten's turn, and, once again, the third try was the charm. After unlocking the door, Wagoner, who was also standing on the field, screamed.

Neither Wooten nor Wagoner had ever owned a new vehicle. After winning the Flex, Wagoner gave away her old mini-van to someone who had no vehicle. She now drives the new vehicle.

Wooten and Wagoner picked up their new Ford Flex at Flammer Ford of Spring Hill. This year, the Buccaneers forged a "Pewter Partnership" with the Southern Ford Dealers of the Tampa Bay area, making Ford products the team's official cars and trucks.

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Muriel Prieto is the Artist of the Month for October at the West Hernando Branch Library, 6335 Blackbird Ave., Spring Hill. The display includes landscapes and seascapes painted in oil.

Prieto is a retired English professor with a passion for art. She began taking art lessons while teaching at the University of Puerto Rico. In 1991, she completed the North Light Art School program of fine art painting and drawing.

She is a member of the Spring Hill Art League. Her work is frequently exhibited in central Florida. For information, call the library at (352) 540-6391.

Clubs and Organizations

Beth Zacharias, a Title 1 parent educator at Eastside Elementary School, spoke at a recent membership meeting of the Hernando Computer Club. Nancy Sexton, program director and community service director for the club, invited Zacharias to speak about the needs of children at Eastside.

Zacharias explained that in 10 Hernando County schools, more than 50 percent of the student population comes from households that live below the poverty level. Many children qualify for free meals at school, and sometimes it is the only meal they receive in the day.

Following the meeting, Sexton took it upon herself to collect donations of school supplies over the next few weeks. Don Karslake, club president, presented Zacharias with the items. On behalf of the school and the students, Zacharias voiced her appreciation. She also said that volunteers are needed at the schools, particularly to read to students one on one.

Club member Shan Back recently donated a computer to the club that was refurbished, then presented to Zacharias to use at her discretion.

The Computer Club strives not only to provide low cost education to its members, but to also support the community. For information, call (352) 592-0070 or visit:

Notes of Thanks

The Enrichment Centers of Hernando County, along with Senior Rx Charitable Trust, have been truly blessed by "community angels."

State Sen. Paula Dockery, who serves us well in Tallahassee and here in Hernando County, donated $1,500 to Senior Rx to assist our seniors.

The Community Resource Council of Hernando County donated $1,000 to Senior Rx and $1,000 to the Enrichment Centers. The council is a group of professional people helping the community. They assist in the growth of the community through funding and charitable volunteer work.

Also, the Hernando Beach Women's Club made a $100 donation to Senior Rx.

The Enrichment Centers offer a full, comprehensive program, including health education, recreation and the promotion of ongoing personal growth. Senior Rx is a program that ensures Hernando County seniors, age 60 plus, do not fall between the cracks when struggling to pay for their prescription medicines. The mission of Senior Rx is to work in conjunction with local area nonprofits and government agencies to assist these seniors.

We at the Enrichment Centers/Senior Rx could not fulfill our missions without our community angels. Thank you for your continued support.

Debbie Walker-Druzbick, executive director

Enrichment Centers/Senior Rx