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If Sheriff Bob White thinks gangs are not a big problem in Pasco, then he must be wearing blinders. Gangs equal problems: drugs, break-ins and the list goes on.

The recently opened Lake Lisa Park in Embassy Hills, in unincorporated Port Richey, is a good example of why action is needed now, not in the future. I congratulate the Pasco County Parks Department for a great addition to the community. It is unfortunate they cannot get much cooperation from the Sheriff's Office.

I know, I've called many times when I see an outright violation at the park and when deputies finally arrive, it's usually an hour or so later even though we've been told to call and a deputy will arrive quickly.

A good example is the large sign that reads "Park hours, dawn to dusk.'' Now, that means to me when the sun comes up you can enter and when the sun goes down you leave. Is it so difficult to have a squad car go by at dusk and remind people it's time to leave? Would it be so difficult to have a squad car go by, say every hour or so, to make sure there is no congregating in the park after hours?

By the way, most of the vandalism takes place after the so-called closing hour and that includes the suspected drug action that the parking lot is becoming host to.

Why can't the Sheriff's Office be proactive instead of reactive? There are laws in place to help, how about some action?

Ernie Stetz, Port Richey

Gas a bargain in Pennsylvania

I went to a class reunion the weekend of Oct. 17-20 in Pennsylvania, where I was shocked to see the low price of unleaded gasoline.

At Pilot and Sunoco stations, the prices for a gallon of gas were $2.45 and $2.47 respectively. When I got home the price per gallon at a Sam's Club in Wesley Chapel was $2.77.

Are our gasoline taxes 32 cents per gallon higher or are we being ripped off?

Raymond Kobasko, Wesley Chapel

Trade schools can educate many

The presidential candidates are always espousing college education opportunities. There are many people who do not aspire to this, but in fact, have innate abilities to pursue careers in trades such as auto mechanics, construction and service workers, who are the backbone of our economy.

These people should be encouraged to continue education in these fields and trade schools should be provided. They are services that are essential to our way of life.

Agatha Jackson, New Port Richey

Derelict gas station should go

I read the letter about the vacant gas station on Little Road and St. Lawrence. It is an eyesore and should be demolished.

Nobody cares. Just another example of people who don't care.

Nick Curtachio, New Port Richey