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Pinellas County has a population of close to a million people.

However, there are only three early voting locations here.

I stood in line Monday for about two hours to vote. Many of the election workers were asking if anyone wanted a paper ballot to mail in. Although there were many people in line, there was not one taker of the paper ballot.

We were also informed that the lines would only get worse as time went by.

In Pinellas County, with the population close to a million people, we deserve more than three early voting locations.

I guess more locations were cut on the budget floor, along with the Hillsborough cuts for picking up dead animals.

Legislators, you are doing a heck of a job.

Arlene Guarnier, Clearwater

Re: Which is the home team?Oct. 21 story

Only one team's the home team

Hey! The Rays are the home team around here, no question! Come on, the Rays have now made the Tampa Bay metro area a baseball town!

My wife and I are not real old-timers here in Clearwater - a little less than two decades - but we, too, have that much history with the Clearwater Phillies and old Jack Russell stadium, long before Bright House Field.

But let's not be all mixed up about this. Our team's the fantastic Tampa Bay Rays!

Allan Avery, Clearwater

Ticket traffic violators at beach

I know a way the city of Clearwater can make more money: Ticket traffic violators on Clearwater Beach.

Every day people make illegal U-turns in the middle of Coronado Avenue. People going north on Coronado cross over a double yellow line to make an illegal left turn to go up onto Gulfview Boulevard. And pedestrians frequently don't use crosswalks and walk in the middle of Coronado Avenue.

These scenarios are dangerous, but are never stopped. I wish there could be police monitoring traffic more around the marina area, where most of these violations occur. It would be very helpful.

Joan Selig, Clearwater