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I am one of the people who had their house hit by some of the 30 rounds of bullets fired on Rockwood Drive and the sheriff's response was quick and professional. But I am concerned that this is taken too lightly by the Sheriff's Office in the aftermath.

I have called and left a message and asked for an update as to what they thought the cause of this was and to ask if they had caught anyone. No response. I noticed a car pulling up to one of the houses, half of the car was on sidewalk and half was on the street, and was concerned because the car's occupants were not residents. The residents have not returned since the shooting except to get some belongings and leave.

I got the license plate number and called the Sheriff's Office and again no response. To say we are anxious in this neighborhood would be an understatement. Why the nonresponse from the Sheriff's Office? I am told by the other neighbors that the Sheriff's Office has been watching the neighborhood. I surely hope so.

Are drive-by shootings in this area normal and I am just oblivious of them?

I am afraid to go to the mailbox to get my mail. I jump at any noise. I have never been afraid to be in my home. Do I need to install cameras so I can see if there is anyone outside before I venture out?

I understand this is an on-going investigation and there are other crimes to attend to, but I am also concerned that the residents of this area need some peace of mind. A return phone call is not a lot to ask for. Is the reason because of a lack of empathy for the residents or is it because it's just another day for the department?

Lois Thomas, Port Richey

Is Brown-Waite hiding something?

I am sure I am not the only voter who has concerns regarding the fact that our congresswoman in District 5 refuses to debate her challenger. How strange that she is afraid to debate John Russell. What is she hiding?

I believe she has forgotten that she works for us, the voters, and that as an elected representative, she has a duty to meet with all her constituents, not just "fellow Republicans and attending community festivals where she is not likely to get challenged."

How is the average voter to determine where she stands on issues that are so critical to our nation? Not everyone is capable or has the time to research her voting record to determine her positions.

LaVaunne Miller, Zephyrhills