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Former managing general partner Vince Naimoli, former GM Chuck LaMar (now with the Phillies) and former chief operating officer John McHale Jr. (now with MLB) huddle pregame on the field.

Numbers of the day

2 Rays with previous Series experience

3 Expansion teams that reached the Series in less than the 11 years it took the Rays: D'backs, 4; Marlins, 5; Mets, 8

5 Teams to make their Series debuts in the past eight years (D'backs, Angels, Astros, Rockies, Rays)

Fringe benefit of the day, part 1

Joe Maddon and fiancee Jaye Sousoures were enjoying a late dinner at Bern's Steak House in Tampa Tuesday when a man at a neighboring table recognized him and sent over a gift: a bottle of 1995 Dominus wine. "It's really good," Maddon said.

Fringe benefit of the day, part 2

Maddon's success has drawn a lot of media attention to his hometown of Hazleton, Pa., and he said that has been a good thing. "The area really needed a boost," he said. "You talk about the economics and what we've gone through back home for a while, it's good to get something positive going. So I'm really happy."

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel

On trying to win for the fans in Philadelphia

"They come to the ballpark, they enjoy watching us play....I think that our personalities and attitude definitely help bring fans to our ballpark. I think they like our team and they definitely enjoy watching it, plus they love baseball. And of course...they've been wanting a winner for a long time."

Rays manager Joe Maddon

On what being in the World Series means for the franchise

"All of a sudden, you gain an identity. You gain an identity within Major League Baseball. The Tampa Bay area has had a Super Bowl champ, an NHL champ, and now we need a baseball champion."