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IS THIS YOUR $1,200?

The IRS wants to return $30-million in tax refunds and economic stimulus checks to Floridians, but it doesn't know where they live.

Nationwide, about $266-million was undeliverable to about 383,000 Americans because of problems with their mailing addresses. The average amount of an undeliverable economic stimulus check is $583, and the average refund is $988.

How do I know if the government owes me a check?

Check our list of names for missing checks in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Hernando and Pasco at

How do I get it sent to me?

Go online to and click on "Where's My Stimulus Payment?" or "Where's My Refund?" Follow the instructions to update your address. If you don't have Internet access, call toll-free 1-866-234-2942 for stimulus checks, toll-free 1-800-829-1954 for refunds. Follow the same link to check on the status of your stimulus check. The deadline to update your address is Nov. 28 for stimulus checks.

Don't want your check to get lost?

You can sign up for direct deposit with the IRS the next time you file your return and have the money automatically deposited in your checking or savings account.

Stephanie Garry, Times staff writer

Missing stimulus payment checks

County Checks Average check Checks' worth

Hillsborough 2,021 $574 $1.16M

Pinellas 1,281 $549 $703,191

Pasco 377 $554 $208,932

Hernando 126 $524 $66,069

Missing refund checks

County Checks Average check Checks' worth

Hillsborough 626 $1,021 $639,036

Pinellas 404 $1,239 $500,376

Pasco 85 $825 $70,158

Hernando 37 $721 $26,688

Source: Internal Revenue Service