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Going steady: Anthony Ateek, guitar and vocals; Jeremy Brewer, drums; Stewart Nicol, bass. Brewer and Nicol replace Ivy Lopez on drums and Adam Schere on bass. Ateek answers questions.

Homebase: St. Petersburg.

Rogue beginnings: Ateek, a Pinellas teacher, formed a pop-punk band called the Rogue Set in the early part of the decade (they disbanded in 2004). Eager to start another project with a broader creative scope, Ateek and bandmate Lopez spent a year forming Steady State, which propels with the same punk-rock force, taking side trips into other genres.

Ironic moniker? "Ivy came up with the band name while she was in grad school," Ateek says. "By definition, a steady state is a stable situation in which there are little to no changes. How that applied to the band, considering that our musical tastes are ever-evolving, is beyond me."

Words about words: "Lyrically, all of our songs tend to be about the frustrations of life. For example, the first song on our CD, The Number One in the Number Two Business is about the frustrations of being a teacher. At the same time, it can be about any job where you wake up in the morning, get to work, and are pushed around by the people over you, ultimately shifting the control of your life from yourself to someone else. Lately, I've been writing lyrics about more personal topics. I've gone through a rough patch in the last eight to nine months and most of my lyrics have been focused on that. Lately some really amazing things have happened; some amazing people have entered my life. I write about what I know, so maybe I'll start writing about more positive topics."

Why the line-up change? "Ivy moved to Baltimore a little over two years ago. ... Stewart and I wanted to become more of an active band. With Ivy's graces, we started the search for someone to fill her place. This wasn't necessarily the easiest task because Steady State is and will always be an extension of our friendship with Ivy. I'd played in a failed band with Jeremy months prior and I knew he was both capable and an all-around good guy. I gave him a call, and here we are today."

Big-time connection: Heather Gabel, wife of Against Me! frontman Tom Gabel, illustrated the cover of Steady State's self-titled LP. "Heather's husband, Tom, is a longtime friend of mine," Ateek says, "which inadvertently made Heather a friend of mine too. I really like her artwork, so I asked if she would do something for us."

Favorite tour stops for food: "We always try to find locally owned taquerias or anything vegetarian-friendly. I love Soul Veg in D.C., Nalu's in St. Augustine and Transmetropolitan Pizza in Athens, Ga."

Hear them: 8 p.m. Saturday with Towers of Hanoi and Holiday. Art by Bridey Bowen, Chris Barrows and more. Star Booty, 681 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. $4, 8 p.m. (727) 895-STAR.