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Halloween is just a week away and you still don't have a costume for your child yet? Get inspiration from moms, dads and grandmothers who cut, glued, sewed and stapled their way to some crafty costumes. Some scoured thrift stores and clearance aisles while others dug through craft bins and boxes of old clothes. Check out the relatively quick and inexpensive ways they put their outfits together. Page 11

Tyler Polidoro, 5, and sister Katie, 3, New Tampa

Costumes:Cowboy; bride

Creator:Grandma, Joan Polidoro

How long it took: 1.5 hours for cowboy; four hours for bride

How she did his:Bought McCalls pattern No. 2851. Used vinyl to make the vest and chaps, store-bought bandana and hat. Embroidered a horse's head and "Sheriff Tyler" on the vest. Tied chaps around the legs. (Very little sewing involved.)

How she did hers: Used Simplicity pattern No. 0631 for a witch from The Wizard of Oz, but substituted white fabric. Covered a headband with satin and sewed tulle to it. Put little pearls all over the bodice of the dress, the cuffs and the headband. Bought the handheld part of the bouquet from the bridal section of Michael's and stuffed it with flowers and greenery she had among her craft supplies.

Cost: About $25 each

Kaylie Butts, 6, South Tampa (on cover)

Costume: Sally (from The Nightmare Before Christmas movie)

Creator: Mom, Lisa Butts

How long it took: About three days

How she did it: Sewed pieces of fabric together. Used marker to create thread marks and design. Wig is made from thick brown yarn hot-glued to a stocking remnant that fits tight to the head.

Cost: Less than $10

Gavin Spurr, 4, Wesley Chapel

Costume: Retro-Robot

Creator: Parents, Lori and Corey Spurr

How long it took: Eight hours

How they did it: Bought a plastic bin. Corey cut out the holes for the head, arms, and legs with a Dremel rotary tool. He also made small holes in the front of the bin for the Christmas lights from Wal-Mart. Lori searched Ace Hardware for robot accessories, including reflectors, mini-LED lights, an outdoor thermometer, and flexible dryer vent tubing for the arms and legs. Bought a cheap aluminum pot for the hat and made a strap out of some silver cording. Gavin wore gray pants, shirt and gray gloves under the bin. They already had the "space" shoes in the dress-up bin.

Cost: About $30