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It looks to be a bumpy weekend weather-wise, but there are still angling opportunities for those who wish to stay close to shore. With the water temperatures dropping on the Nature Coast, our favored snook, trout and redfish have moved into many of the river mouths and the flats along the main shoreline. Most of these areas are shallow and protected from the wind. This scenario provides shelter for the anglers as well as calm and clean water for our quarry.

Oyster bars, potholes and any depression in the bottom contour provide feeding stations. Watch the mullet schools along these areas as they are stirring up the bottom and providing forage for game fish. Many times a bait or lure tossed right in the middle of a school will produce. Be prepared to move along with them. For bait, small pinfish have been very effective and can be easily netted or caught on hook and line in close proximity to where you will be fishing.

This is shallow-water fishing and a quiet approach is a must. Slow speeds on the trolling motor or the use of a push pole will help increase the odds.

Capt. Troy P. Sapp with Fins and Tails Guide Service can be reached at (813) 920-6928