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Food fights

A group of four people had dinner at the Applebee's in Bismark, N.D. They ran up a tab of $77.64, and committed "dine and dash," which simply means they left without paying. This can be a very difficult crime to catch suspects, but this case was special: Two of the four people in the party had filled out comment cards, according to the Bismarck Tribune. And in retrospect, they would probably not put their real names on the cards the next time. The police were able to find the two teenagers who filled out comment cards, but were still looking for the two suspects who did not fill out comment cards. It was not reported whether the two diners had marked that they would definitely come back.

Spaghetti sauce is vandals' weapon

The Dallas Morning News reports that police in Frisco, Texas, said vandals have caused more than $4,600 in damage by throwing jars of spaghetti sauce in at least eight incidents. The sauce has been thrown at vehicles and the windows of homes. In one of the incidents, the recipe for disaster included a jar of garlic spaghetti sauce thrown alongside a jar of onions. "Maybe they were trying to make a good sauce," said Sgt. Gerald Meadors. One house even got a second helping.

Behind candy bars

Crook gets away with nothing

The Colorado Daily reports that a man robbing a Boulder convenience store had one of the worst takes in the history of robbery. The man, armed with a knife, went in under the guise of buying a Snickers bar. He put $2 on the counter - inflation - and pulled his knife just as the clerk put the $2 in the register. The clerk saw the knife, closed the register, backed away and called 911. The crook tried to open the till, but couldn't, so left. And he didn't even take his candy bar with him.

Labor issues

Facebook status risks work status

Kyle Doyle of Sydney "chucked a sickie," which in Australian means he called in sick to work when he actually felt fine. Australia's Nine Network reports that he called his boss at the telecommunications company and said he wouldn't be in. Probably sniffled and sounded all achy. That would have been the end of the story if Doyle, 21, hadn't then signed onto Facebook and changed his status to reflect the fact that he felt like he had just gotten away with it. And he may have still gotten away with it, if his boss wasn't one of his Facebook friends. The company is investigating the issue. Doyle's latest update says he is "trying to hide."

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"Gallup polled citizens of 70 countries and found that foreigners supported Obama over McCain by nearly 4-1. It was an amazing poll: 30 percent supported Obama; 8 percent supported McCain; and the rest supported David Hasselhoff."

Jimmy Kimmel, host of Jimmy Kimmel Live