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61 Percentage of fans backing the Phillies in an online poll by the Standard-Speaker newspaper in Joe Maddon's hometown of Hazleton, Pa.

Maddon's response: "I get it. It speaks to loyalty. They're Phillies fans. Even if they know Joey, they ain't switching."

Hometown note of the day

Braced for an onslaught of friends and relatives driving (and busing) over from Hazleton, Maddon received a warmup gift Friday, a large brown box packed with pitza (cold pizza) from Senape's Bakery and some of his other favorite local delicacies.

Game 2 ratings hit historic low

Game 2 received an 8.1 national rating and 13 share, Fox Sports said. That is the second-lowest rating for a World Series game.

The rating means 8.1 percent of people who own TVs watched the game and 13 percent of those watching TV did so. The only rating lower was the 8.0 for Game 1 between the Cardinals and Tigers in 2006.

Game 1 earned a 9.2/15. So the first two games of this Series averaged 8.7 and 14, a 19 percent drop from the 10.8/18 for last year's Red Sox-Rockies Series.

Fox, however, said it was pleased.

"Game 2 came through to give Fox its best Thursday night rating in seven months, and that comes off Game 1 earning us our best Wednesday night in more than five months," Fox Sports president Ed Goren said. "Now with the Series tied at a game apiece, we're looking forward to interest building as the games continue and the drama unfolds."

Quote of the day

"I think these fans are a little more ruthless here than in New York. I know one way to shut them up - win."

Cliff Floyd, Rays DH after players were heckled leaving their hotel on the way to Friday's workout

Home run stats of the day

189 Homers hit in 81 regular-season games this year at Citizens Bank Park.

154 Homers hit in 78 regular-season games this year at Tropicana Field (Rays played three home games at Disney).

Key stat of the day

1-for-28 Phillies performance with runners in scoring position in Games 1-2.

Numbers of the day

5-9 Phillies record in Series games in Philadelphia.

4-0 Phillies record in home postseason games this season.

48-33 Phillies record at home in the regular season.

Omen of the day

In the past four Series tied 1-1, the road team has won Game 3 three times (1997 Marlins at Cleveland, 2002 Angels at San Francisco, 2003 Yankees at Marlins). The exception was 2006, when the Cardinals beat the Tigers.