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A woman's outburst at a bailiff hurts her bid for probation.

It's generally a good idea in court to not call the bailiff a nasty name.

Cynthia Rivera apparently didn't get the memo.

Rivera, 19, of New Port Richey was in the courtroom of Circuit Judge Thane Covert on Friday morning, scheduled to be sentenced for burglarizing a home in Port Richey in May 2007.

She was sitting in the box with the other inmates from the county jail trying to talk to members of her family in the audience. That's against the rules. The bailiff asked them to leave.

Rivera told the deputy what she thought of him.

"A--h---," she said.

It was plenty loud enough for folks to hear.

The bailiff turned around. He walked over to her. He took her out of the courtroom and kept her out until her case was called.

A year and a half ago, according to authorities, Rivera stole from the home of T.C. Cifaldo three digital cameras, two laptops, a PlayStation 2, an Xbox, a necklace, a ring and a gun.

Rivera's record also includes petty theft, marijuana possession and failure to appear in court.

On Friday, she could've gotten six years in prison, according to her plea deal, but her attorney asked Covert for probation.

Prosecutor James Goodnow asked for prison time. He mentioned the earlier outburst of profanity.

"This is a person that does not deserve a break," Goodnow told Covert.

The judge sentenced Rivera to two years of prison followed by two years of house arrest followed by two years of probation.

Rivera was nicer to him than she had been to the bailiff.

"Thank you," she told the judge on her way out of the courtroom.