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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's early warning system has identified concerns with the durability of cribs. Those with drop-down sides that can disengage and trap babies pose an especially high risk of strangulation.

Since the early warning system was created in 2007, there have been five crib recalls involving broken, missing or defective hardware. Most of those involved cribs with drop-down sides. The combination of moving parts and soft connections encourages the drop-side corners to come out of the tracks or the safety stops to malfunction, allowing the drop side to detach from the crib. The situation can be made worse by a child pushing or leaning against the side of the crib.

In order to assure your crib is safe, the CPSC suggests:

- Don't use any crib with missing, broken or loose parts.

- Inspect and tighten the hardware periodically to keep the crib sturdy.

- Make sure the drop side or any other moving part operates smoothly on its track.

- Check all sides and corners of the crib to make sure they haven't come apart.

- Don't try to repair any side of the crib without manufacturer-approved hardware or with tape, wire or rope.

- Don't put a broken side against the wall. It won't solve the problem and may make it worse.

To learn which crib models were recalled, visit (scroll down to "Savvy Shopper'').

Blue Cross Blue Shield billing mixup sorted out at last

Q: Earlier this year, we started getting notices from our doctor for a medical procedure a year after the procedure took place. We'd always assumed everything was paid.

We phoned the doctor's office and "Mary" had us send copies of our Blue Cross Blue Shield statements.

We got another notice in May so we called again and were told the claim was being processed and to just ignore further notices.

In June, we got a "final" notice saying we'd overlooked previous reminders. We called Mary back and she said she didn't have the BCBS statements we sent. She asked that we fax them, which we did. She called later to let us know she'd received them so we thought everything was taken care of.

In September, we got a notice from a collection agency. We called and sent them all the information we'd sent the office.

Can Action help us resolve the problem once and for all?

Leo and Rachel LeBlanc

A: "We reviewed the claims you referenced in your inquiry for services . . . to Mr. LeBlanc," said Gregory Flowers, customer service manager for BCBS of Florida and Health Options. "It appears that although we issued payment on these claims when we originally processed them, one line from each claim was denied as a duplicate item."

Flowers sent a spreadsheet showing that the total amount you were billed was the sum of all the denials.

The payments have been reprocessed and your doctor should receive them shortly, Flowers said.