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I am the school-related personnel building representative from Land O'Lakes High School, and I have attended all of the negotiating meetings for this fiscal year, starting in June. I have been disappointed at times with the outcome of some of the meetings but felt at least bargaining was taking place. On Oct. 6, this was not the case.

After putting forth several documents for consideration, with explanations and discussions, the administration representative indicated that his team was not authorized to sign anything that evening. I did not appreciate coming to a meeting, after work, on my own time, during a storm, to be told an hour and a half into a meeting that nothing could be signed that evening.

In addition, I feel personally insulted by the lack of professionalism exhibited by some of the administrative negotiating team members during these past few months. Some daydream, rifle through purses, eat, answer cell phones and attend to work other than the current task at hand. This behavior is not professional and conveys a considerable lack of respect.

I believe our team members have consistently been respectful, considerate and attentive during the negotiating process. We take pride in our demeanor and expect no less from the school district.

As the parent of a student who has gone through the entire Pasco County school system, a volunteer for 13 years, a substitute for five years and an employee since April 2005, I have seen many sides of this system. I expected better behavior. The actions of some of the district's representatives are very disappointing.

Gail Spector,Land O'Lakes

Wrong place for victim's memorial

On Oct. 1, a 20-year-old man lost his life in a horrible motorcycle accident on Trouble Creek Road when he collided with an automobile.

I ride my bicycle on Trouble Creek Road, using the west sidewalk, a few times a week. There was glass and debris all over the sidewalk and road for days. I wondered whose job it was to clean it up. It disappeared. Then I noticed the cigarette butts, hundreds of them, all over the sidewalk, lawn and street. Most of the cigarettes got cleaned up too, but someone erected a grotto with a picture of the deceased in it.

There are also at least seven crucifixes, two motorcycle helmets, 10 bags with candles, five large candles, two large stuffed animals, 12 bouquets of artificial flowers, a toy motorcycle, signs and notes on the ground and on the light post. There are folding chairs leaning against the post. All of this stuff is on someone's private property. Someone wrote the dead person's name on the county sidewalk. And most astonishing of all is they wrote "in loving memory" and his name in the gutter.

I hope that when I die, nobody litters, loiters, defaces county and private property and especially doesn't write my name in the gutter. The cemetery is the place for mourning.

Thomas Karcher, New Port Richey

Easy early voting should be copied

As I stood in line on opening day of early voting in Pasco County, I couldn't help but think, "What a wonderful opportunity to allow me to cast my ballot at my convenience."

All the supervisors of elections should take note of the phenomenal early voting attendance and ask themselves, "What can I do for future elections to make voting as easy as possible for the residents of Florida?"

Instead of looking at this as burdensome and costly, I expect that supervisors of elections should be proud that they are helping to make it easy for Americans to cast their vote.

Patricia Allen, Trinity