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Several monkeys that escaped from a Polk County facility months ago are creating mischief on a nearby ranch.

The remaining five patas monkeys that escaped from nearby Safari Wild in April have turned up at a 600-acre ranch.

The owner of the ranch says corn has vanished at an alarming rate from deer feeders and the switches and knobs on his tractors were tampered with, draining the batteries on both.

The tiny footprints helped unravel the mystery.


Man commandeers bus to Disney area

An armed man forced a tour bus driver to drive to the Downtown Disney area, the Orange County Sheriff's Office said.

Authorities say the driver told police the man hid in the restroom of a Mears bus and emerged with a gun. He then forced the driver to drive to the Disney area. She dropped him off without being injured, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Deputies searched for him at the entertainment and shopping complex Saturday, but the search was later called off.


Fake 911 calls lead to next-door neighbor

Twenty-two fake calls to 911 landed one Jacksonville man behind bars. Police say 20-year-old Christopher Gonzales called to report serious crimes at his neighbor's house. Each time officers responded but learned the stories were false.

Gonzales told 911 dispatchers that his neighbor was beaten and stabbed. Another time he reported an officer being shot and the body stuffed in Jodi Harris' car. Harris said for months she wondered who was behind the calls, until police let her hear them. She immediately recognized her next-door neighbor.