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Published Oct. 27, 2008

You're going back to your hometown of Dallas, where they're known for great high school football. Is that where the best high school ball is played?

Oh, definitely. No question. I don't know how Florida goes about their football. I don't know how California goes about their football. Those are the two competitors - supposedly. But in Texas, they go about their football just like college. You have your offseason, the spring game, 7-on-7 tournaments in the summer, two-a-days, then the season. After the season, it's right back to the offseason work again. If you have guys playing football like that in Kansas, I'm sure they might be pretty good, too. The more you play, the better you're going to be. We play year-round there, and, well, you see the results.

So, what are Fridays like with all the anticipation?

It's a lot like Sundays are now. You're happy there's a game. It's exciting. We would wear our jerseys to school on Fridays. Sometimes we'd have a pep rally. You could feel the excitement at school.

I know you had a cameo in the movie Friday Night Lights, but it was your team getting scored on. What's up with that?

It is what it is. It's a movie about Carter (High). So, of course, they're going to put their highlights in the movie. But, you know what, I did have an interception and a touchdown in that game. It didn't make the cut in the movie. It was a decent game. I scored the first touchdown. That was my first and only time ever playing in Texas Stadium.

I assume you were a big Cowboys fan growing up. True?

Huge Cowboys fan. I'm talking about back in the Erik Williams, Nate Newton offensive line days. All the way back there, with guys like Jay Novacek, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin - that Cowboy team.

Who was your favorite Cowboy?

Definitely Deion (Sanders). Well, Deion and Irvin. They both played their positions the way I like to play. They had fun. They were confident in what they did. They didn't care who they were going against. That didn't matter. This is a competition in front of a crowd. It's kind of like a show.

This is a weekly question: What's playing the most on your iPod right now?

I'm probably playing a lot of (rapper) T.I. He has a new mix out. And I'm also listening to my boy from (back home), Mike Pic. He's a rapper from Dallas. That's my dude. I went to high school with him. He lived right around the corner from me. He's making some real songs now. It's just on my iPod right now. His CD isn't out yet. Once I get the CD, I'll start putting him out there a little more.

Other weekly question: What Web site do you visit most?

I'd say MySpace and Those are probably the two Web sites I go to most. Most of the time when I'm on MySpace it's because I'm bored. I have a lot of messages to read.

Is that the way you prefer to stay in touch with people?

Yeah. I have a lot of people back in Dallas and some people in Kansas. And, besides, there are some people you just don't have a phone relationship with.

What does your name mean?

It means "the last to come." It's a Muslim name.

Is there some significance to it?

I was the fourth child, and my mom said she wasn't having any more babies.

Did you do something special for your mom when you got your contract?

I bought my mom a house in the same neighborhood as my sister, in Garland (Texas). And I got her a car, an Infiniti.

How did you spoil yourself?

I got my (Mercedes-)Benz. I bought an S550. That's what I've always wanted, since I was back in college. I told myself, "When I get to the league, man, I'm getting one of those."

You're not getting good gas mileage in that thing, I guess.

Heck no. And you have to use 93 (octane). That's hurting my pocket right now.

Rookie cornerback Aqib Talib, a native of the Dallas area, knows a little about big-time football. After all, everything's bigger in Texas, including, he argues, high school football.

Fast facts

Aqib Talib

Position: Cornerback

Height, weight: 6-1, 205 pounds

Hometown: Richardson, Texas (suburb of Dallas)

College: Kansas; consensus All-Big 12 and All-America selection; semifinalist for Thorpe Award (best defensive back).

Pro: Tied for the lead among rookies with three interceptions; has four pass deflections.