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From the Philadelphia Inquirer's Frank Fitzpatrick (, who offered a visitors guide for Rays Nation: "From what we hear, as many as 16 of Tampa Bay's 43 baseball fans may be in town. ... Do not wear Rays gear, assuming there is any Rays gear and, if there were, anyone would wear it."

Busy side of the city

All Philadelphia sports venues are in the same part of town, and it's a busy place. In addition to Series games Saturday, tonight and Monday, the NHL Flyers hosted the Devils Saturday afternoon and the NFL Eagles today host the Falcons. Plus there was a Celtic Thunder concert Saturday and the Who is playing tonight.

Reaching out

Rays manager Joe Maddon said he hadn't gotten too many out-of-the-blue calls or e-mails, though he did hear from former Lafayette College buddy Dana Streep (brother of actress Meryl), Hall of Famer Jim Palmer, Angels owner Arte Moreno and Lee Lowenfish, author of a Maddon favorite book - Branch Rickey: Baseball's Ferocious Gentleman.

Special delivery of the day

Maddon's mom, Beanie, and more than a dozen other relatives made it to Philly and brought the usual complement of hometown delicacies. "Beanie showed up with three bags and a box," Maddon said. "I don't even know - that might be like 36-40 hoagies. ... We really have enough to almost feed the entire team. I'm passing them out. They're in the clubhouse right now. She did not let us down."

Weather stats of the day

55 Temperatureat first pitch

91 Minutes game was delayed at start

Number of the day

1-for-23 Hitting performance in first two games by Rays 3-4-5 hitters Carlos Pena, Evan Longoria, left, and Carl Crawford.

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel

On what he learned during his time in Japan:

"I think it helped me as far as communication with the players. And the work ethic. I think since Iêve had health problems, the physical work I canêt do as much as I used to. But the work ethic definitely pays off. And I think those are the two biggest things that I learned."

Rays manager Joe Maddon

On why his young team doesnêt seem intimidated:

"Playing in the AL East is the best training ground. ... I'm really glad weêre in this division. If you're going to break in some young guys and want them to be ... the best, you have to beat the best. Having played in Fenway and Yankee Stadium so many times, we've faced very good competition and in hostile environments."

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