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When the overnight ratings come out, don't be surprised if Saturday night's Game 3 is one of the lowest rated World Series games of all time. Saturday is traditionally a bad night for TV anyway, and the rain-delayed 10 p.m. starting time made matters worse. While both teams and those with tickets wanted Saturday night's game to be played, regardless of starting time, if Major League Baseball truly cared about growing the game and a national audience, it would not have played Saturday night. Then again, this is a league that insists on starting all World Series games at 8:30 p.m., already proving it cares more about what the networks and advertisers want than whether kids (and future adults) are watching. It's no wonder the NFL has surpassed baseball in popularity since most of its games, including the Super Bowl, are on at reasonable hours.

Glitch of the night

Bad luck right away for Fox when reporter Ken Rosenthal's cute pregame line - 45-year-old Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer said, "The van for the Old Folks' Home leaves at 11 and I have to be on it'' - was lost because of audio problems. But Fox did a good job hustling to get everyone ready for the game in spite of the uncertain circumstances.

Questionable analysis

Maybe I'm the only one who thinks this, but there's something about his demeanor and comments that makes it appear as if ESPN Baseball Tonight analyst John Kruk seems to be rooting a tad for the Phillies. (Kruk played for the Phillies from 1989 to 1994.) I've always thought Kruk was, at best, an average analyst, certainly not among ESPN's best, but he at least seemed to keep it down the middle most of the time.

Worst class

What the heck was that song that was playing on the public address system when the Rays lineup was introduced, something about "little fishes in the sea'' or something? Come on, Philly, you have more class than that, don't you?

Final thought

Somebody had to say this: If Saturday's game was at the Trop, it would've started on time.