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Show we care for seniors, disabled

Let's spend another few million dollars to build another high school in Hudson.

When I was growing up, the day was split by having double sessions, enabling the state to use our money for other projects and to help the elderly more.

Does anyone out there care about the disabled or the seniors? Show us.

Anthony R. Quaranda, Port Richey

Silence on crime a real public danger

There are so many terror issues to deal with here in Pasco County, not the least of which are brown lawns, that it is understandable that lesser crimes might go unreported by law enforcement. A man is brutally beaten in his home in New Port Richey and shots fired at occupied homes in west Pasco.

We need, even in these difficult times, to be aware of history. When brutal beatings and drive-by shootings go under-reported or not reported at all we are all in danger. We all might become invisible.

The press has done its job in finding the truth and telling us all. It is our responsibility to not only support the free press but also demand of law enforcement full disclosure of crime in Pasco.

Silence is a violation of human rights and silence will never guarantee safety or freedom.

Peno Hardesty, New Port Richey

Media should not pick candidates

I disagree with the policy of any news agency printing their picks for an office and how to vote for a policy. That sort of blows the idea of telling all sides of the story without bias.

Newspapers are public servants, too, and should not use their platform for swaying voters.

Ric Roberts,Dade City

John Russell is an embarrassment

I think U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite shouldn't debate John Russell, purely for the fact that people like John Russell should be ignored.

He is a man who not too long ago was ejected from a Democratic event and banned from Disney.

I have seen Mr. Russell firsthand at various events, and quite frankly, his behavior is embarrassing.

Peter Stathis, Spring Hill

Seniors find help at public agencies

Recently, the property manager decided to pressure wash the old mobile home I rent. The problem is they used a chlorine mix and I have an allergy that is known to the property manager and the out-of-state landlord. My attempts to use a different cleaner were not successful.

Advice from the Sheriff's Office was to tell the manager to not do it and then to sue him in civil court if he does.

A Bay Area Legal Services attorney said the manager had a right to protect his property and that he had given me sufficient advance notice to leave if I had a car.

I do not have a car, but I do have a walker and said I could use it to walk across the highway to get to a shopping center if I started to feel sick, but I was concerned for my pets, too.

There are several publicly funded agencies which exist solely to protect citizens and consumer including low-income renters, seniors and the disabled. I only mentioned two such agencies.

But, there are also many organizations and individuals who do not rely on politics or taxes who would be interested in such a problem. I wasn't able to prevent the use of the toxic chemicals, but it is very probable it will happen again.

Sometimes help comes from an unexpected source.

Doris Lee, New Port Richey