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Published Oct. 28, 2008

Thumbs-up to everyone at Fox for its thorough and quick coverage of the major weather happenings Monday night. Reporter Chris Myers asked all the right questions of baseball president and chief operating officer Bob DuPuy, then announcers Joe Buck and Tim McCarver broke down all the scenarios of what had happened and what would happen in the event the rain continued. And a local Fox shout-out to Ch. 13 meteorologist Paul Dellegatto for coming on and giving Tampa Bay viewers the Philadelphia weather report for the next few hours and days.

Best insight

Most national broadcasters, for whatever reason, are hesitant to criticize umpires. In fact, most go out of their way to defend the umps. Not Fox's Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. All series, the two questioned balls and strikes, including being highly critical of the tight strike zone Jeff Kellogg had all game long against Rays pitcher Scott Kazmir, as well as letting the game continue in such horrible weather.

First second-guessing

Fox's Tim McCarver came out strong right away, almost imploring Rays manager Joe Maddon to get the bullpen going when Scott Kazmir gave up two runs and still had the bases loaded in the first inning.

"I'd get someone ready right now,'' McCarver said. "There's no experimenting now. By the time somebody gets in there, it might be too late.''

Some don't like McCarver, but I've always thought he has as good as it gets, and that's why this was his 19th World Series, the most anyone has ever done on TV. Not only is he tops in the game, he has even improved over the years.

Meantime, Joe Buck is second-to-one. Only NBC's Al Michaels is a half-notch better.

Highest praise

Fox's Joe Buck and Tim McCarver had kind words for Rays manager Joe Maddon.

"Of all the managers we've ever dealt with over our 13 years, nobody has been more forthcoming, accessible and open with information,'' Buck said.

McCarver: "Honest. Thoughtful. Straight."