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Published Oct. 28, 2008

As the employment market becomes more competitive, job seekers are becoming more creative in their efforts to catch the attention of potential employers. One in 10 hiring managers surveyed by reports that they are seeing more unusual antics in 2008 compared to previous years. "Those who apply resourcefulness and an inventive approach to their job search may have a better chance of standing out in the minds of hiring managers," said Jason Ferrara, senior career adviser at The key is making sure you are maintaining an appropriate balance of creativity and professionalism so you are remembered for the right reasons. Some of the most memorable tactics identified by these hiring managers include:

-Candidate advertised on a billboard.

- Candidate carried around a sign that said, "Will work for paying bills."

-Candidate brought a broom to the interview to "clean up the waste and corruption in the office."

-Candidate wore a shirt to the interview that said, "Please hire me."

-Candidate showed up with breakfast for the employer every day until hired.

-Candidate approached the hiring manager in a restroom.

-Candidate sent a giant cookie with "Hire Skip" written in frosting on it.

- Candidate parked outside of the office building with a sign that said, "Seeking employment."

-Candidate promised to give the employer a foot massage if hired.

-Candidate noticed the employer wrote a blog about a particular restaurant. She persuaded the restaurant to put her name on the menu so the employer would see it the next time he ate there.

-Candidate created an electronic resume with flash animation and a musical score.